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You are welcome to download any content you desire. All downloads are covered by the Creative Commons License, 3.0. All this site asks of you is two thing. First, give acknowledgement to the author of the simulation that you wish to use or change, when you use the work in your class-room or seminar. Second, it would be nice if you also cite this website as your source. You cannot use either the originals or what you make of these simulatiions for commercial purposes. They are for the class-room. The License is viral, that way.

If you wish to leave feedback on any simulation you find here, in the Simuations Forum you may do so by joining a topic in the forum or starting your own thread or topic

General Purpose:

Hobbesian World


World War One--Causes and Consequences

The Cold War--Russia and America

Renaissance Game

Industrial Revolution

The Soviet Union--Creation and Hard Choices in 1928

Eurasia & Asia


The Roaring 1920s--Wealth Creation and the Stock Market