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Thank you for visiting this new site.

At present, this web site is still under construction, and I expect it to be for as long as it is up. It will be constructed piece by piece over time as I add more material, and as you, the browser, might also suggest additions to this site. I would be pleased to hear from you!

You can reach me by e-mail at: Casimir@ottersoftheuniverse.org, or, otterouttahere@yahoo.com. Further, if you wish to, you may feedback on our forum, which can be visited here.

In brief, you should know the following about this site: I have just started this organization with the aim of providing a clearing house and browsing space for teachers who are interested in using simulations in the classroom. I hope to appeal to those of you who are either looking for ideas for class activities related to your content areas and/or those of you who would like to share what they have developed with others.

For those of you who fall into either category, please feel free to browse any of the offerings in the links to the left. Feel free to contact me if you have a simulation that you would like to share with others. I will happily host your contribution with attribution for others to use, under the licensing agreement (see below) that I am using for my own work.

Take care


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0  License.